Good Morning everyone!! I want to share with you my Travel Guide to Crete, Greece. Crete is Greece’s largest island and probably one of the most popular destinations in Greece.
We like to research and plan our trips by ourselves. We rarely work with a travel agent for our vacations.

Today’s travel guide is all about CRETE, Greece!

At first, I’ll show you all of our Pictures from Crete with a short description and you can scroll down to the bottom of this post for the full travel guide.

Chania Old Harbor
Falassarna Beach- just stunning!
Elafonissi Lagoon PINK Sand
Elafonissi Beach
Falassarna Beach
Pink Sand at Elafonissi Lagoon
Greek Salad and Tzatziki- Yum yum
Rethymnon Old Town


There are three airports in Crete

-Heraklion Airport (code: HER)

-Chania Airport (code: CHQ) 

-and the small Sitia Airport (code: JSH).


We took a direct flight from Frankfurt am Main to Chania Airport- it’s a 3-hour-flight. As always we booked a rental car ahead of time. So our transportation was already arranged when we arrived in Chania, Crete. 

Tip: book your rental car in advance to save money and to get the car you want.


Once we had picked up our rental car, it was time to check-in at the Airbnb in Chania. Our Airbnb was a 15minute drive from the Airport. 



Chania is a big city and there are a lot of hotels and Airbnb apartments. I honestly didn’t research the hotels, because I knew I don’t want to stay in a hotel with lots of other tourists.
We stayed in an apartment near the old town of Chania. It was a 10-15 minute walk to the city center where all the taverns were. Sometimes we took the car and drove to the city center-it was a lot faster!
Our apartment was a cozy studio apartment with a pretty balcony. The balcony overlooked a garden with lemon and orange trees.


We LOVED the food in Crete! We ate a lot of fresh fish, feta cheese, tzatziki, and greek salad. Every meal was delicious!
We had breakfast every morning on the balcony of our apartment.
For lunch and dinner, we ate in different taverns and tried not to fall in any tourist traps haha



Only one week in Crete won’t be enough to see everything and still have time to relax..for me at least it won’t be enough. Crete is the largest island in Greece and it has a lot to offer. One week in Crete is probably enough to explore one half of the island. If you stay in Chania you can explore the west side Crete and if you stay in Heraklion, you can explore the east side of the island.
Soo here is my list of things you HAVE to see in Crete! I love the beach, so there are a couple of beaches on the list.

Rethymnon Old Town.

This town is just lovely! Lots of narrow streets, lovely shops, lots of restaurants, very pretty surroundings and lots of nice pubs to have a drink. The architecture is stunning, lots left from the Venetian and renaissance era. Absolutely fabulous. Allow yourself to get lost in the streets 🙂

Explore Chania Old Town

and bring your camera! We made some beautiful pictures in the small hidden colorful streets of Chania. You also have the see the Old Venetian Harbor. Just sit outside in a café and watch the world go by with a terrific view of the harbor.

Heraklion (The Capital and the largest city of Crete)

If you visit Heraklion, don’t expect Santorini- a small town with pretty little white houses. Heraklion is the fifth-largest city in Greece, it’s dusty and there’s lots of traffic. It’s a modern functioning city.
A Venetian Fortress and Byzantine Churches will amaze you.

Agios Nikolaus

A picture-perfect little town. Take a walk around the marina, shop, or just lie on the public beach by the marina after lunch. Aand make lots of photos 🙂

Elafonissi Lagoon

This is the famous PINK sand beach in Europe. The water is crystal clear and a little cold, but it’s amazing. It’s best to have a rental car, however, the road can be quite dangerous to drive in some parts. ! We drove from Chania Old Town. Years ago this beach was a hidden gem, but now thanks to TripAdvisor it gets really crowded! But it’s still worth it! We had the most amazing day and afternoon there. The food offered at the beach wasn’t great, so bring you our own supplies.

Falassarna Beach

Fabulous Beach with Caribbean Flair in Crete! This beautiful place is so underrated. The beach is very long and there is plenty of space for everyone, not overcrowded. I loved the crystal clear water, it was so refreshing! Enjoy free parking and nice taverns near the beach. We had just a perfect day at Falassarna Beach! We even went twice there.

Balos Lagoon

I saw the pretty pictures and great reviews, so we tried to reach this beautiful lagoon with our small rental car. Unfortunately, the road was a small dirt road and we had to turn around!
My suggestion is to take a boat trip instead of driving. From the nearby town, they have daily cruises to the lagoon, that way you’ll enjoy the place without all the driving and stress.


If you’ve been to Crete before and have any recommendations, let us all know in the comments! 🙂

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